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No New Posts The Guidebook

This is the Guidebook to playing on Destiny Flyers. It has all the information you need to understand the game and can always be referred to if information is forgotten or needs to be known. Suggested reads include the rules, races, geography, history, religion, and culture. Optional readings include the calendar, the magic system, and the hierarchal system.

12 12 Dragons (And Other Mythical Beasts)
by Roxilicious
Aug 7, 2012 21:12:07 GMT -5
No New Posts News

Site news and announcements shall be placed here. Be sure to read and reply if asked, please!

5 14 24 février 2014
by Roxilicious
Feb 24, 2014 22:41:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Coming and Leaving

New to Destiny Flyers? Feel free to introduce yourself to all the members of the site here. We'll welcome you with open arms. This board is guest-friendly, too, so you don't necessarily have to join to introduce yourself.

Going away for a little while (or forever)? Please leave a notice here so the staff and members are informed and not wondering where you went.

10 40 Hey, I'm like a dolphin
by Roxilicious
Oct 15, 2012 14:51:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Members' Lounge

To the loyal members of Destiny Flyers, I present you the Members' Lounge. Feel free to start up threads of random conversation, games, book discussion, game discussion – anything miscellaneous and OOC and entirely to your heart's desire.

Sub-boards: Ye Olde Shoppe, Games, Stories, Miscellaneous

27 182 The Chase
by Holly
Apr 9, 2014 0:19:05 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertise

This board is for advertising your site on ours.

first time | returning ads

Sub-boards: First Time, Returning Ads

5 5 Fragile Tension - A Panfandom Site
by Game Master
Sept 11, 2013 15:21:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliate

If you would like to affiliate your site with Destiny Flyers, this is the board to do it.

1 1 README: affiliation request form
by Roxilicious
Jun 2, 2012 13:24:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Apeiros' Archives

While it's not exactly the IC location, Apeiros' OOC Archives are where completed or dead threads and biographies are moved. You're free to peruse the Archives whenever you wish and reflect on old settings and people.

Sub-board: Biographies

29 233 a n n i v e r s a r y [p]
by Random E. Vent
Apr 8, 2012 14:30:25 GMT -5

Character Center

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No New Posts Character Creation

Create your character on this board. Be sure to follow the application to minimum standards, or your character will not be accepted right away.

19 21 Birger <WIP>
by Calhim
Jul 10, 2021 19:45:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Accepted Biographies

All accepted biographies will be moved to this board. Feel free to browse through them at your own will. For your convenience, you can find different characters by browsing through the master census instead.

113 193 Konona Loruz
by Holly
Feb 9, 2012 19:48:00 GMT -5
No New Posts Interaction

This board is for discussing interpersonal communication between characters. Here you can develop plots, find romance, make archenemies, discover long-lost siblings, and create families. Anything that has to do with characters interacting with other characters, those discussion threads go here.

6 44 The Future and what it could hold.
by Pyrixs
Nov 3, 2018 2:04:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Logs

If you would like to keep a log of your characters, feel free to start one here. Please, only one thread per log, and do not reply to anyone else's log!

6 8 an account of the present [wip]
by Holly
Jan 1, 2012 3:29:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Ghosts of Our Pasts

Perhaps writing a little history about your character just wasn't enough. That is what this board is for. You're free to role-play the histories of your character, and others are completely free to join in and perfect the scene (with your permission! it might be wise to predetermine the plot and characters of that thread). Please be sure that when role-playing in the past, it corresponds to the time and site lore. Please stamp the first post with the date and location of where that thread takes place.

11 25 Journal of Wade Odara: Of magic and how it works.
by Pyrixs
May 8, 2016 3:19:04 GMT -5


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No New Posts The Celestial City

Named for the incredible view of the heavens and openness of the city, this city is the capital of the Osoan Empire and is located on the island county of Saecula. Previously a dense forest, Saecula's woodland was cut down to construct this immense city. Many, many citizens of the Osoan Empire find residence in this grand city.

Sub-boards: Regal District, Hexa District, Harria District, Mage's District, Warrior District, Market District, Adamas District, Celestial Prison

5 82 earls and butlers and dragons, oh my!
by Zoey
Sept 21, 2012 16:49:00 GMT -5
No New Posts The Falian Lowlands

A deep valley county on the border of Asteria, the Falian Lowlands are a little bit more diverse than the Auster Plains just south. The border between the two Resmirian counties is a dense, deciduous forest. From there, the forest thins until the valley is more open. The border with Asteria is marked by a large mountain range. Lakeside Village, Bayview, and Deliciae the capital are the most prominent settlements in the Falian Lowlands. The Tradala River flows from Lake Jazero and straight into the Auster Lowlands, too.

Sub-boards: Deliciae, Bayview, Lakeside Village, Lake Jazero, The Tradala River, Hiscere Forest, Falian Bay

4 62 ❋ A Test of Faith ❋
by Holly
Jul 6, 2012 21:51:50 GMT -5
No New Posts The Auster Plains

The Auster Plains are a mostly flat, slightly hilly county of tall grass and little trees. Around the coast, however, is a long string of beaches. Capital Watch, Aru, and Notia are the only major civilizations on the Auster Plains, Notia being the capital. The Tradala River and Amhain Lakes are two significant landmarks here as well.

Sub-boards: Notia, Capital Watch, Aru, The Tradala River, The Amhain Lakes, The Auster Plains

2 39 pests are annoying
by I V Y
Oct 14, 2012 18:38:05 GMT -5


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No New Posts Morningstar

Home of the capital city of the province of Asteria, Morningstar (aptly named due to its reputation as 'the first province to see the sun rise') is a rugged county of mostly snow elves and high elves. To the northern coast is half of the Voreia Mountains as well as Denarius Temple, the most sacred temple dedicated to the Hexadus in all of Osoa. To the south is half of the Synoran Mountains, owned exclusively by Asteria, and a large town hidden in the mountains known as Vathia. The capital, Consilium, can be found at the base of the Voreia Mountains.

Sub-boards: Consilium, Vathia, Denarius Temple, Chisana Forest, The Veroia Mountains, The Synoran Mountains, Synora's Lake

1 5 wanderlust
by Atra
Jun 15, 2012 18:23:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Tenesidus

Tenesidus, popular among forest elves due to the immense forest that expands across the near entirety of its territory, is a county of strong connections between people and nature. The three large settlements would by Kyla, the capital city in the Veroia Mountains; Gladius Harpe's Stronghold, a fortress dedicated to warriors in the middle of Saeta Forest; and Skylos Priory, a large house and chapel of Hexadus worship and somewhat of a charity. Half of the Synoran Mountains are to the south, and there is also a large lake called Felix Lake just west of Gladius Harpe's Stronghold.

Sub-boards: Kyla, Gladius Harpe's Stronghold, Skylos Priory , The Veroia Mountains, Amydros Forest, Felix Lake, The Synoran Mountains

2 13 Spooked
by I V Y
Oct 28, 2012 23:41:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Erotza Desert

The barren wasteland of Asteria, the Erotza Desert is the least populous and least crime-ridden county in all of the elfish province. That would be because there isn't much here other than sand, sand, more sand, an oasis, and one prosperous city on an island off the eastern coast of the desert. The desert itself is divided into two segments: Northern and Southern, the lattermost being notorious for suspicious activity.

Sub-boards: Valkea Xeros, Bizi Oasis, Northern Desert, Southern Desert

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No New Posts Dasaen Forest

Dasaen Forest, a massively dense and confusing woodland that begs for travelers to become lost in its labyrinth. This seemingly never-ending forest is home mostly to kyniks an ailours, as the savra and tromo races do not like its density. The capital, Animus, can be found to the north. Makria and Endeswell are two small villages within the clearer areas of Dasaen Forest. The serpentine Achomawi River snakes its way through the forest and meets up with Wiwohka Lake. The peoples of this forest are highly in touch with nature and tribal life. Many beasts do live in tribes rather than the city or villages.

Sub-boards: Animus, Makria, Endeswell, Dasaen Forest, The Achomawi River, Wiwohka Lake

2 2 From the past to now
by Pyrixs
Nov 5, 2018 1:02:07 GMT -5
No New Posts Siar

Siar is the largest province in Hegatzi and is certainly the most physically diverse. The border with Dasaen Forest starts when the trees thin out significantly into the Tokalu Highalnds. From there, Abetzi Swamp is located north. Even further norther is the Otekah Rainforest. Kokoro Village is a happy community within the rainforest, while Nisi Village is found on an island in the swamp. Swamp Watch is a town in the highlands, and the coastal capital city Utro can be found to the west.

Sub-boards: Utro, Swamp Watch, Nisi Village, Kokoro Village, The Tokalu Highlands, Abetzi Swamp, The Otekah Rainforest

1 6 The Hidden Vessel
by Sky
Mar 17, 2012 15:41:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Kiesan

One of the more unusual provinces, Kiesan is known for its coldness. It is the southernmost county of Osoa, and as a result, it's frigid. The province itself is isolated by water, separated by the mainland of Hegatzi by the Reoite Sea. The capital city of Krymo Zahrada, Crystallis City, and Icicla are the only organized civilizations here. The rest of the province is just a cold desert, a tundra, and the most unusual and beautiful garden in the world.

Sub-boards: Krymo Zahrada, Crystallis City, Icicla, The Tundra, Kiesan Desert, Crystal Garden

2 10 Help, quick, there's trouble in Kiesan!
by Sky
Aug 30, 2012 14:41:08 GMT -5
No New Posts The Vatra Sea

Though not an official province, the Vatra Sea is incredibly important to Hegatzi for one reason: merpeople. They've created their own metropolis below the surface of the Vatra Sea, complete with its own city, coral reef, and seagrass beds. There are also islands near the Achomawi River Delta that are almost exclusively used by the race of aquatic humans.

Sub-boards: Physali, The Vatran Reef, The Kelp Forest

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No New Posts Pertinax

Pertinax is a huge county differentiated from the rest of Verfall by its barren, ashen wasteland. An immense chain of volcanoes, known as Scarchain, runs from one coast to the other. Some believe it extends even further underwater. To the south of Scarchain is the ashlands, home of a town called Ashfall and the capital city of Acerbus Umbra, also the capital of Verfall. There's not much else to this desolate wasteland.

Sub-boards: Acerbus Umbra, Ashfall, Scarchain, The Ashlands

5 45 And so time goes on.
by Pyrixs
Apr 2, 2014 1:30:20 GMT -5
No New Posts The Vesperian Badlands

The Vesperian Badlands aren't much better than Pertinax to the south. There's very little to these lands of clay, rocks, dry grasses, and cold winds. A bit of the Southern Desert of Erotza can be found to the north of the Vesperian Badlands. Naktis, the province capital, is plotted directly in the center of these lands, surrounded formidably by huge boulders and essentially a canyon. A large town known as Ergas exists in the northeastern corner of this province, too.

Sub-boards: Naktis, Ergas, The Southern Desert, The Badlands

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No New Posts Oriens

A mostly mountainous territory, Oriens is segmented into two sort of islands connected by an isthmus. The larger one is dominantly mountains and also come to the province's capital, Scelestus. The city is nestled deep within the numerous mountains. The second, northernmost island segment is actually a tropical cloud forest in which Brevis Village can be found. Oriens is the least depressing province in Verfall, as it is least like a wasteland and is even home of a beautiful, foggy rain forest.

Sub-boards: Scelestus, Brevis Village, The Masayan Mountains, Cloud Forest

2 6 The Face of a Demon.
by Pyrixs
Apr 9, 2014 0:37:59 GMT -5

Immortal Planes of Existence

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No New Posts Zerua

Believed to be connected to the mortal world, Valtava, through the stars, Zerua is an immortal plane of existence inhabited by archangels and souls of the deceased who had moral tendencies in their mortal life. The world is described as a beautiful one, similar in appearance to places on Orbis. There are forests, gardens, fields, blue skies, warm rivers, lakes, mountains, you name it. It's a wonderful world, truly a paradise after the test that is living on Orbis.

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No New Posts Meprise

The sun is believed to be the portal to Meprise from Valtava. This world is an immortal plane of existence inhabited by archdemons and the corrupt souls of the deceased who showed wicked tendencies in their life. No one is truly sure of what it looks like, but many describe it as a cavernous world of fire, magma, and darkness. The wicked souls are allowed to sin to their heart's content, but it cannot affect those who do not deserve it, hence their isolation.

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No New Posts Planes of the Santach

The Santach, also known as the selfish, are a large group of gods who did not participate in the creation of the mortal world and its heaven and hell. Instead, they kept their powers and used them to create their own realms in which they ruled. They are known as the Planes of the Santach, and they vary significantly depending on the creator.

Sub-boards: Apeiros' Archives, Nivema's Artifice, Coracinus Rex's Hidden Paradise, Syndethite's Greenhouse, Tyras' Bloodlands, Raemar's Crystal Ball, Mandath's Labyrinth, Faerym's Melodious Sin, Polemos Dasi's Battlegrounds, Erzes' Colored Chambers, Kairos' Maelstrom, Siyanie's Divine Radiance, Thylica Tryptite's Slumber

1 10 !the harmony to your melodious sin~
by The Santach
Aug 17, 2012 16:56:04 GMT -5


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