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No New Posts Apeiros' Archives

Apeiros, King of Knowledge, Knower of All. His plane, the Archives, is an endless library of information on every subject that has ever existed. It is constantly being upgraded with the latest information by Apeiros' own race of workers, the Eolas. Each Eola is described as being an owl-like creature about the size of a cat with immense strength, knowledge, and speed. They are always black with silver faces and wingtips.

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No New Posts Nivema's Artifice

An infinite forest with twisting paths that lead to nowhere, despite the signs that falsely claim to point in the right direction, the Artifice is home of Nivema, Duchess of Deceit, Matron of Mendacity, Queen of Quick Wit. Her evil cackle can sometimes be heard as you wander the forest alone. It is rumored that she is constantly changing the paths of your travel so you are infinitely lost, only to be haunted by her personally-created race of slender, canid-like species with sharp, yellow eyes and exceptionally long fangs.

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No New Posts Coracinus Rex's Hidden Paradise

Beautiful women, handsome men, only the finest foods galore, incredible vistas and gorgeous scenery, pure ecstasy, everything your heart could desire, all centered in one world. Nothing bad, nothing ugly, nothing that could stop you from reaching paradise. ... Except for a curtain of pure blackness that covers all of his realm... Yes, welcome to Coracinus Rex's Hidden Paradise, home of a race of men and women who are only beautiful, but you can't see them. His realm has everything you've ever wanted and more, sans the blindness.

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No New Posts Syndethite's Greenhouse

One of the more relaxing, calm, and less frightening realms of the Santach, Syndethite's Greenhouse is a world of forest, flowers, flora, and fauna. The world itself is very beautiful, ranging from rolling hills to deep valleys, dense forests to large lakes, and even polar regions, savannahs, rainforests, plateaus, and deserts. It is home to every animal imaginable as well as Syndethite's more humanoid race of spriggan-like women.

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No New Posts Tyras' Bloodlands

Tyras' Bloodlands are a huge ring of twelve large arenas. The sky is red with disdain, and each arena is on an island surrounded by a sea of magma. The bodies of the fallen are heaved into the magma, and they are reborn into a perfectly healthy, new body and thrust into battle in the same arena. The victor of each battle advances to the next arena in the circle. Prisoners and gladiators of this world are destined to fight for eternity.

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No New Posts Raemar's Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball, a forest cloaked by the night, the sky illuminated with an innumerable amount of stars and three moons. The vegetation is all bioluminescent. The stars spell out your future, and in the waters, you can see the reflection of your past. Raemar resides in this forest, laughing maniacally and jabbering on about his favorite most random things. You can get a future-reading from him, but it is unlikely it'll be truthful, accurate, and, above all, sane. Raemar's Crystal Ball is devoid of any animal life; as such, it is eerily still and uncomfortably silent.

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No New Posts Mandath's Labyrinth

Lit dimly by blue- and green-flamed torches, Mandath's Labyrinth is not a place of joy. Every time you solve one of the mazes, you come to a puzzle that requires open-mindedness and a lot of thought. If you complete it, you move onto the next maze. If you don’t… You perish, only to be reborn at the beginning of the maze again. Ghosts and wraiths haunt the Labyrinth, urging you to err. Minotaurs and the multiple-eyed beast known only as the All-Seer also dwell in this domain.

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No New Posts Faerym's Melodious Sin

Faerym's Melodious Sin is a desolate wasteland full of bones, ash, embers, and wandering wraiths and ghosts who moan and cry with mournful sadness in harmony with the faint sound of the most beautiful music ever heard. No one is certain where this music comes from, but it never, ever stops. The wasteland is also home to hellhounds, screaming phoenixes, and three guardians known informally as Fire, Blood, and Darkness.

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by The Santach
Aug 17, 2012 16:56:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Polemos Dasi's Battlegrounds

The Battlegrounds are nothing more than an open field of fire, blood, death, and decay. You're thrust into battle, only to have your body die and your spirit reborn to battle again. The Battlegrounds are home to a constant war between side Polemos and side Dasi. There is no real point to this war. It is overseen by Polemos Dasi and his race of gold-skinned warriors known as the Voskis.

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No New Posts Erzes' Colored Chambers

If you've ever been moody or felt uncomfortable with plainness and simplicity, Erzes would love to have you in his Colored Chambers. Upon entering his realm, you are thrust into a white room, devoid of anything except two doors. One door leads to one Colored Chambered, and the other to another one. It's just a never-ending circle of differently colored, square rooms, all of equal size. You never know what is behind each door. Usually it's nothing, but sometimes it's your worst nightmare or perhaps a feast of your favorite foods. And sometimes, you may just meet up with another stranger from Erzes' Colored Chambers who's been trapped and forced to endure the insanity that is confinement.

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No New Posts Kairos' Maelstrom

Those who fear water and isolation would do well to avoid Kairos' realm. The Maelstrom is nothing but a small, circular, floating island, perhaps only two miles in diameter, surrounded by an enormous, engulfing, treacherous, deadly whirlpool that is constantly attacked by unrelenting storms, pouring rain, and harsh weather conditions. Kairos reins on a cloud above the horrible weather. Her sea is filled with immense monsters strong enough to withstand the powerful currents, ranging from serpents that spit high-speed jets of water to over-sized barracudas and great white sharks. People have tried to build a community on the floating island, but it only takes one tsunami-strength wave to knock them all into their swirling doom.

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No New Posts Siyanie's Divine Radiance

Divine Radiance is regarded as the most beautiful of all the Planes of the Santach. In fact, it is rumored to be so beautiful, you cannot look at it, for it will make you blind. Siyanie's realm is a boundless garden full of the most elegant flowers and the sweetest of fruits. Upon entering her realm, you're immediately stripped of clothing, your indecent parts covered only by fig leaves. This realm is inhabited by a race of people known as the Pretties. Every single one of them is admittedly flawless in terms of appearance, and it's impossible, absolutely impossible, for anyone to disagree otherwise. This realm is notorious for being the most intimately active, and it's not uncommon to stumble upon two lovers.

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No New Posts Thylica Tryptite's Slumber

The Slumber, a quiet world as natural as the real one. There are trees and gardens and fields, but there is no sun. Only the stars and ten moons, each of varying size with their own names. It is said you see visions of nostalgia, foresight, dreams, and nightmares here. Night is a heavy blanket that is constant upon this world, and while typical forest and field animals of reality can be found here, most who come here see much more than reality. The most unique creatures of this world would be Thylica Tryptite's dreamwalkers, an unusual species of quadrupeds with unusual faces and light feet. They're often seen in the dreams of mortals, as they collect these dreams to add to Thylica Tryptite's dream archive. She has archives for memories and nightmares, too. Her library, however, is unaccessible to mortals and cannot possibly compete with Apeiros' Archives.

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